Youth Worker On Fire is a podcast for anyone working full time, part time (no one really works part time with teenagers), volunteering and even parenting teenagers to mid-20's. This means people who are coaches, youth pastors, teachers, administrators, volunteers, etc.

The need for youth workers is huge. The lack of youth workers is even bigger. The fall out of youth workers is tragic. The average last no more than 2 years. This podcast is full of youth workers on all of these levels telling what went right, what went wrong, how they recovered and the incredible WINS because of never giving up.

There will be students who are interviewed, national and international speakers, writers and fellow podcasters, people you know and those you have never heard of. These stories are meant to give you hope, insight, ideas and inspire you to endure, work with purpose and find places of rest.

This is Youth Worker On Fire and I am your host,

Doug Edwards