Add Value To The Lives Of Others

You bring value to the lives of others.  By being an example or role model, you demonstrate it by being genuine and by the way you live your life.  Your friends will go to bat for you because they know you’re the real deal.  People know when you don’t want to be there, it’s hard to fake it. 

Years ago, Jerry Rice, widely considered to be the greatest wide receiver in the NFL, told a story about when he was at football practice in high school.  When it came time to run the steep hill, he was going to sneak into the locker room early.  And as he was heading that way, this voice inside his head said, if you do this, you’ll always do this.  He said, I turned myself around and ran the hill.  In the pros, he believed there was no off season and was known to run a 2 ½ mile hill in San Francisco, where there were no short cuts.  

There’s no easy route in life.  By taking the easy route, you make it harder.  Negatives speak louder than positives in our lives and when we get hit, all the good can disappear in our minds.  By getting involved in the lives of young people, we’re able to make a difference.  Students who start off not doing well are often able to turn it around with the kind of value a volunteer can add to their lives.