037 Youth Worker On Fire Podcast - Julie Knox

Doug Edwards and Julie Knox

While working the Moments of Hope booth at the NRB International Broadcasting Conference in Orlando, FL, Julie Knox comes to my booth and tells me her story. I ask for an interview and she said yes!

Julie grew up in Northern Ireland during their civil war as the child of a police officer. She later worked as a Journalist for the BBC in London. Now she is with OM Mission Ships that is a world traveling floating library and training ship for the 400 volunteers onboard Logos Hope. They get on-the-job missions and ministry practical experience, as well as cultural and socio-economic exposure in all the places they visit and among all the groups of people they interact with.

They also have great Christian teachers speaking on the ship regularly and the volunteers are supported into leading devotions and developing their own preaching skills, etc. A couple of years on the ship is often a fast-track to further long-term Christian work. Find out how you can be a part of their program for 3-months or more.