055 Youth Worker On Fire Podcast - Alex Campione

Pat Williams, Senior VP of the Orlando Magic, said to me that there is no one like Alex Campione...In 8th grade she joined us on a mission trip to the Appalachia poverty mission. She has been a world changer ever since. Alex went on four Colorado trips with our student ministry, she was FCA student leader at her high school for 4 years because she initiated it. Pat Williams spoke to the 2013 senior class because she decided it needed to happen.  She is a student at the University of Florida. She is a Biology/Medical Geography major, she in her college career studied in New Zealand, Went to a mission trip in Croatia; then Hiked through Europe and Russia with her best friend! Can You Say, "SUPER GIRL"! If you stay in student ministry long enough God will allow you to minister to students that are unbelievable. As Alex has the vision of a seasoned World Changer, there will be students that you cannot put any containment around or Box them in a shape. Though I have seen no one like Alex (and I have seen and worked with unbelievable gifted students and staff) she could only be guided when she asked for direction because her thinking was so far reaching and her dreams were not the dreams like any teenager I have ever met. Her spiritual and mental drive dwarf most adults I have known. Youth Worker Nation, you will encounter in a life time similar students but they will be like rare diamonds. You will learn from this interview.